The More You Know

Today I'm venturing further into my 30's which I actually give zero F's about (I'm celebrating by taking the kids to my psychiatrist appointment and then stuffing my face with cheeseburger fries) Buuuutt looking back on this past year has made me realize how freaking stellar it is to grow old. Learning and evolving and... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Own Uterus

Hey gather round. Let's talk for a minute. Today I went to the grocery store (ALONE) and was getting my meat at the butcher. I was shooting the shit with her and she was asking about my kids and realized how young and close in age they were, then proceeded to ask "you gonna get... Continue Reading →

Always Evolving

Perfect is something I'm never going to be. Ever. Back in the day I used to be mean. Like really mean. The running joke is if I could go find my high school self and kick her ass I would. I've done and said things that are cringeworthy and downright embarrassing. I was insecure and... Continue Reading →

Mommy Dear

Sometimes biting my tongue is the greatest accomplishment of my day, other times not so much. I've been CRINGING watching exchanges between women in some of my mom groups. Specifically because I can't believe the way that we speak to each other. I constantly worry about how I'm supposed to raise my kids in a... Continue Reading →

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