The More You Know

Today I’m venturing further into my 30’s which I actually give zero F’s about (I’m celebrating by taking the kids to my psychiatrist appointment and then stuffing my face with cheeseburger fries) Buuuutt looking back on this past year has made me realize how freaking stellar it is to grow old. Learning and evolving and changing is cool. What have I learned.. #findyourplaceinlife

Support ALL women. Not just women who would make the same decisions you would make. Not only women who are on the same path. Women of all walks of life, all at different points in their journey. Our bodies are amazing. Our brains are amazing. Women are fierce. Standing together is the only option. That’s why we run the world #useyourvoice

You don’t need to pretend you’re ok when you aren’t. Ask for help and take it when it’s offered. People want to help because they love you.. duhhhhh #sendhelp

No matter what you say or do, someone is going to fucking hate you. Like with a passion. And that’s OK!! So just be yourself because people won’t like you anyways. Those aren’t your peeps and that’s cool. Phew… it seriously took me awhile to get here  #imightnotlikeyoueither

Blood doesn’t make family. Friendship and deep genuine caring do. It’s not selfish to step back from people who don’t bring good vibes into your life. It’s self care, and that shit is important. Be loyal to the people you love. #highfive

I’m pretty obsessed with the creatures I’ve been able to surround myself with. Like you get to choose this life?!?! I love all of the ass kicking chicks who are running their own shows.. small business wise, non profit wise, career wise, mom wise, partner wise, strength wise, life wise. It makes me want to do more and more. Andddd I will #somedudesareaight

My kids will surely be both embarrassed and hopefully proud of me some day, so I’m just gonna try to make them as legit as possible. Be a good human. #forreal

Keep growing. Keep listening to each other. And do whatever the F you want because life is short and beautiful

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