Mind Your Own Uterus

Hey gather round. Let’s talk for a minute. Today I went to the grocery store (ALONE) and was getting my meat at the butcher. I was shooting the shit with her and she was asking about my kids and realized how young and close in age they were, then proceeded to ask “you gonna get your tubes tied then” HALT. I literally always have the perfect response in my brain and was just stunned and pretttttyy much speechless. I said no.. why would I? If anything my husband would get his balls snipped because I’ve ripped 3 of his kids out my lady bits. She said fair enough. I walked away. Cue me standing in the canned goods aisle stewing about this for 10 minutes because that was bullshit.

It is NO ONES business what any woman does with her body. My reproductive health is NOT your business. My family size is NOT your business. My birth control is NOT your business. And the only thing you should be asking a pregnant woman or any woman for that matter is can I help you or.. do you want the lean ground beef. What if she asks someone who’s struggling to build a family? What if she asks someone who is pregnant with their rainbow baby. Or what if she asks the wrong pregnant lady. I text my friend and she said go ask her if she has any more sausage and that’s exactly what I did. After she told me they had no more I said “Also… I know you meant no ill will by it but in the future I wouldn’t ask anyone if they are getting their tubes tied. You don’t know who’s going through infertility.. She cut it off and said “I’m pretty bold when I’m asking questions”. I responded that I was thinking about other women and that question might you know.. hurt their feelings. She said I understand. No apology. I walked away.

So this was obviously the most uncomfortable conversation for an introvert with mad anxiety busting out of my ass to have but it needed to be had. I spoke with the manager who’s jaw was basically dropped and she said she couldn’t believe how insensitive it was and that the situation would be handled. (She actually thought I was talking about a customer) Moral of the story: mind your own uterus. Think for 5 seconds before you let garbage slip out of your mouth. We don’t know each other’s stories and never will unless we feel like sharing them. Stop asking people ridiculous questions like this. No it’s not twins. Yes I have my hands beautifully full. Yes I know how this happens (it’s not from BJs) Yes I know I’m huge. And yes I know it’s none of your business. #EVER

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