Your mama said whaaaat?

Ahhhhh the hardest thing I've ever done in my life: becoming a mom. Second runner up: the most random crap grown women fight about. Instead of coming together in our endeavors, it’s best to partake in mom wars. I didn't even think these were a real thing until we announced that my husbands sperm had... Continue Reading →

The Sun Will Come Out

I could hear my 3 year old crying for me when she was supposed to be napping so I cracked her door open and peeked my head in. “What’s wrong babe? You ok?” She sat up tearfully and looked at me with her bright green eyes. “No mommy, it’s sunny outside.” That’s so silly. Toddlers... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Man Flu

I’m sitting upstairs right now and both toddlers are downstairs with my husband and nasty colds. You know what that means? The F’n man flu season is coming. It might not even be the flu, it could just be a cold but he’ll treat that shit like the plague because it happens every year like... Continue Reading →

Hi My Name Is: Mom

Hi my name is mom. Somedays I forget what my given name is. I forget that I’m a person outside of motherhood. My day starts and ends with endless mommy’s. Mom. Mommy. Mom. My thoughts are consumed with what’s next. Who’s needs come next. What do I need to unfuck next. What bill do we... Continue Reading →

Self Care or Bust: PPD & PPA

Self care isn't selfish. Repeat. Our mental health is SO important and we're hesitant to openly talk about it because it's HARD. The stigma that comes with our mental health, PPD and PPA is shitty and it's allllll too real. The problem with not feeling supported or comfortable enough to talk about when we're spiraling... Continue Reading →

Aunt Erin & Autism

My sister Erin is 2 years younger than I am. She is smart, funny, and outgoing. She is the only biological Aunt to my children, and Aunt Erin has Autism. Erin is my only sibling. Growing up I have never known anything different. She is my sister and I have always taken on the role... Continue Reading →

Mama Musthaves

What are your fresh squish mommy must haves?! I'm curious to see what you guys think. With Sadie I felt like I needed to have EVERY product that ever existed. And I mean EVERYTHING. Then Cora came and the bar lowered significantly Now that we're a few weeks away from baby P's grand entrance I... Continue Reading →

Thong of Doom

Yesterday I went to a bridal shower pool party and had to leave my Tata Top at home to be respectful of grandparents, buuuut it left me without a swimsuit. Thankfully my girlfriend had an extra one piece which was NOT made for someone 34 weeks pregnant. I'm 99% sure this was more inappropriate. It turned... Continue Reading →

You Can Sit With US

Yesterday I ended up taking the babes to an indoor play area because it was crap weather outside and while we were there I saw this mom having a crap time. I saw her crying 2 year old get carried to her by another mom and when she thanked her for bringing her and asked... Continue Reading →

The More You Know

Today I'm venturing further into my 30's which I actually give zero F's about (I'm celebrating by taking the kids to my psychiatrist appointment and then stuffing my face with cheeseburger fries) Buuuutt looking back on this past year has made me realize how freaking stellar it is to grow old. Learning and evolving and... Continue Reading →

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