Mama Musthaves

55DE4779-1284-4624-9B88-FCEE9BEB5157What are your fresh squish mommy must haves?! I’m curious to see what you guys think. With Sadie I felt like I needed to have EVERY product that ever existed. And I mean EVERYTHING. Then Cora came and the bar lowered significantly Now that we’re a few weeks away from baby P’s grand entrance I have a handful of things I knew I realllllyy needed to mom so hard:

Boobs. Bewbs. Tatas. Milk jugs. More boobs

These sick baby swaddles that double as blankets from Austin Tie Dye Co. I never realized how many things I actually used our swaddles for and they were definitely not just for swaddling. I had them on hand for spit ups, poo explosions, on the go diaper changes, my crazy milk let downs and extra coziness. This is the SOFTEST blanket I’ve come across so I might skip using it for poop duty.. *might*

NOSE FRIDA! Do not let people talk you out of this I swear it works miracles. The hospital nose suckers suck. I was thoroughly skeeved out by this until I used it and it was like the skies parted ways when I saw how much more effective it was. Like a booger fountain for days. So gross and worth it. Seriously. Has anyone tried the Windi for gas?! Curious about that one….

A wrap or carrier. Or 5 #theresatekhniforthat  Learning more about all of the benefits that baby wearing has for both mama and babe has got me hooked fast. I definitely relied on strollers with the older girls but will be wearing the shit out of this babe. Extra cuddles and extra free hands = mom win

A portable baby nest for napping and snuggling. I bought this customized nest from Bubba and Blue Design and it turned out AHHHMAZING. Seriously obsessed. Cokes has been using it. A lot. And she sleeps like a boss in it. I co-sleep AKA boob-sleep AKA #teammosleep so I wanted something portable that I could bring with me when she needed a familiar place to chill. It’s gorgeous and it’s going to get more than enough use. Customer service is on point!

A boat load of onesies. All the onesies. Newborn bodily functions are no joke and I don’t get fancy teeny baby clothes for that reason. Lesson learned… and never forget our organic baby bottom salve from Whole Love Organics for sore baby booties. It’s a literally a shit show.

Last but not least.. this tactical teddy from Tactical Baby Gear to mark each month of her first year. Mamas been DYING to use this.You switch out the patches on the bears chest each month for a cool twist on your pics #MERICA

And that’s it… I think! I’m going to wing it like I always do. It’s not my first rodeo but I guarantee I’m missing something amazing so what is it ladies?! Let me know allllll your secrets…. #tellmeyourways

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