You Can Sit With US

Yesterday I ended up taking the babes to an indoor play area because it was crap weather outside and while we were there I saw this mom having a crap time. I saw her crying 2 year old get carried to her by another mom and when she thanked her for bringing her and asked what had happened she was met with a glare and silence. When she was settling her 1 year old down and going to get her 2 year old daughter off the slide she got knocked over before she could get to her. She saw it happening but couldn’t stop it. Not one mom sent a word of encouragement or a smile her way because they were too busy whispering amongst themselves. One approached her to let her know that in case she wasn’t watching she hit her head like REALLY hard. And this mama was so uncomfortable that she dragged her two babies and all of their crap right back out the door while they were screaming in unison and she got in the car and cried too. That mom was me. I’ve never really fed into this mommy war bullshit because I think people can’t ACTUALLY be like that can they? Moms all want the best for each other and for each other’s kids. To make each other smile and know we are all on the same team. Because we all know how hard it is when your kid is acting like a total ass hat and you’ve been up all night with the baby and naps were missed and husbands were dicks. Because we like to make each other feel good. Because we want our children to learn from us and see how we should treat each other. If you see a chick who looks flustered offer a helping hand instead of a side eye. We are all one tantrum or explosive diaper away from an epic meltdown. We are all just trying to get through each day, winging it. Especially me. Cheer each other on and be kind.

A mama who needs her tribe

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  1. We need more moms like you. We need to support each other and not bitch about each other. When I moved to the US 6 years ago and had my first baby I felt so alone. It was so hard! I said I will never have kids again. Until a few years later (yes, that’s how long it took to find real, raw and honest mom friends) I had a village behind me. Love your post.


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