Always Evolving

B3FD0D8F-670D-47F8-845D-7C2044F6BA12Perfect is something I’m never going to be. Ever. Back in the day I used to be mean. Like really mean. The running joke is if I could go find my high school self and kick her ass I would. I’ve done and said things that are cringeworthy and downright embarrassing. I was insecure and intimidated by other chicks who were smart, beautiful, confident, you name it. I would bite before I could get bitten because it was easy. I was a bad friend. You make enemies while you’re trying to figure out where your place is in the world. I used my sense of humor to cover things up that I was afraid for people to see. My funny bone hasn’t faded but my bullshit piss poor attitude has. Girls run in packs. The best thing I have EVER come to realize is that girls running in packs together to do good is so. fucking. fierce. I’ve learned that if you open your mind, the support you can get from other women is unreal. If you asked me 10 years ago “Would you ever be friends with HER?” the majority of the time my answer would have been hell to the no. Shame on me. Now they are some of my best friends. The most beautiful part of life is that we get to evolve and be anything we want. I can be a catty mess or I can be someone other people want to be around. It’s never too late to decide you want to change. That’s the beautiful part of being a human. I get to decide who I want to be. It’s not easy being vulnerable and letting people in, but seeing the raw beauty in other women has been one of my favorite journeys yet. I honestly didn’t know what I was missing out on. I’ll still make mistakes. I’ll still say things I shouldn’t say. I’ll still make a fool of myself. But I’ve been on a path that I love. Fuck perfect.

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