Mommy Dear

Sometimes biting my tongue is the greatest accomplishment of my day, other times not so much. I’ve been CRINGING watching exchanges between women in some of my mom groups. Specifically because I can’t believe the way that we speak to each other. I constantly worry about how I’m supposed to raise my kids in a world where people don’t value each other’s feelings. The lack of respect that we have for each other as human beings is mind boggling. We are all seeking connections, an outlet, someone to hear us out. Our kids look up to the adults around them to see how we should treat one another, but what are they looking up to? I get sick to my stomach thinking about sending my girls to school knowing they’ll face the same bullshit I went through and the same bullshit I put other girls through. I can’t come to terms with the fact that some women get satisfaction by putting each other down. I don’t know if it’s because we think we are immune keyboard warriors or if we just aren’t thinking straight. Or maybe some of us are unhappy or mean spirited, possibly a combination of both. Sitting by quietly when you see someone being ganged up on or treated poorly is the same thing as siding with whoever’s out of line. We can’t always fight each other’s fights but if something you see is gnawing at you it’s time to speak up. Mean girl shit is NOT COOL. Hurting each other with intention is NOT COOL. Feeling better than someone else to prove a stupid point is NOT COOL. Be a girls girl. Remember that NO ONE is better than you. We will never be perfect and that’s OK. We have to be kind and thoughtful when we speak to each other because at the end of the day, you really don’t know who’s counting on you. Don’t be vindictive when you’re mad, be resilient. Exercise forgiveness because that shit builds character. Don’t let things slide when you know they aren’t right. Women are so fierce. Stick together and pass our badassery on to our future generations.

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