Our Village

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever had in my life, hands down. We all want the absolute best for our kids because our children are what we live for. Not one of us is perfect and we make mistakes. A billion mistakes. Because we’re human. To think you could never find yourself or child in a terrible situation that ends tragically is naive and speaks volumes about our culture. Sometimes shit happens and it can be Really. Bad. Shit. When we hear about a parent losing a child we automatically want to condemn and place blame because “I would never allow this” “I would have done this” “My kid knows better”. Finding fault and finding someone to blame eases the burden on ourselves and let’s us believe we are better than that, but we aren’t. The fact is: it can be you, it can be your kid, and we aren’t untouchable. Rally behind these families instead of throwing stones. These parents are already at their lowest point and under the scrutiny of the entire world because of how “shitty” they are. I could not even imagine. We are all moms. We are all human. Support each other and hold your babes extra close today, tomorrow, and always.

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